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Is This The Time.
Is this the time...?
When I'm sopose to cry?
As you turn away...
Is this the time...?
I'm sopose to chase after you?
As you walk away...
Just walk away...
Is this the time..?
When I'm sopose to beg for you back?
As you disappear...
(Just disappear...)
Is this the time...?
When I'm sopose to remember all those times?
As the tears stain the paper...
Is this the time?
When I'm sopose to cry...?
As I read your letter...
Just tell me...
Is this the time,
When I should turn around,
And tell you the truth,
Call you back,
And just let you know,
How I really feel,
about what happened that night...
(happened that night...)
As rain falls down,
blinding my tears,
I feel it inside,
Wanting to come out and say,
what I truly feel...
Just tell me...
Is this the time?
When I should truly cry..
And let it all out,
In this storm...
Is this the time...
(Is this the time...)
Yes... Is this the time..?
(Is this the time...)
Just tell me now...
(Is this the time)
(Is this the time)
Is this the time.
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 0 0
Untitled, 5-18-08
I stand up,
Feeling this hate,
I stand up,
Feeling this pain,
I stand up,
My heart is racing,
I stand up,
I don't know what to do,
I stand up,
Trying to hold on to,
I stand up,
Charging the barricade,
I stand up,
Notching an arrow,
I stand inside this cell,
Trying to find out,
What did I do wrong,
To deserve this,
That one night that I went wrong,
That blood surrounding it,
That knife in my hand,
What went wrong?
This animal inside,
I cannot control,
It breaks it's cage
And locks me away,
My hands turn to claws,
My teeth turn to fangs,
My hair grows long,
And I feel it,
I feel it inside.
This hate,
This pain,
Keeps me goinging,
This flash,
of light,
Pulls me closer.
I cannot stop,
what I have become,
This animal inside,
It takes control of me,
And unleashes,
It's anger,
It's pain,
That power inside,
Takes control,
Save me,
Save me,
Save me from this,
hate and pain,
Just save me,
Save me,
I cannot stop it,
Cannot stop it,
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 0 0
Hittin' the open road
Hey guys,
Gather around,
Let me tell you something before we leave this town,
We will never fall apart,
We'll stand as one,
Wake up it's time to go,
We're already behind so ditch the hoe,
Haha, let's go!
There's somethings we can never find,
So just open your mind and take this ride,
Yeah, take this ride, just take it man,
Our hearts are one as we spread our wings,
Open to the air, we laugh and play,
We raise fists, and shout,
Let's ride!
So get out on the road,
Feel that wind in your face,
Cause this open rode,
Leads to someplace,
But you'll never know,
Until you reach it,
Open your eyes and look around,
Find yourself inside this crowd,
We're all friends here,
Just gather around,
Give a hug once or twice,
Shake hands too,
Yeah, we're hitting the road,
We got nowhere to go,
We got time to spare,
So just give me that flare,
I light it up,
And everyone will know,
We're hittin' the open road,
Yeah, hittin' the open road,
Hittin' the open road.
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 1 0
untitled song 4-5-08
Tell me what you want,
Tell me what you need,
Tell me what it will take,
To make you love me again,
To make you hear,
That voice inside,
That tells you it's alright,
It'll be ok,
All I wanted to do,
Was to show you how it felt,
To have arms wrapped around you,
To have someone to love you,
To just feel that broken heart,
Beat aganist your chest...
But you threw it back at me!
That hate and that pain!
You held it all in!
Just to,
Burst out in tears!
To feel it shatter again!
I tried to pull you in,
I tried to help your fate,
I tried to make it all,
But you just,
Threw it back at me!
All that hate and that pain!
You let it all out!
Just to feel it again,
I'm trying to find,
Something to do,
I'm trying to find,
Someway to help,
I'm trying to find,
Something to make it better,
But you just...
Threw it back at me...
All your hate and your pain...
You let it all out...
I tried to help you,
I tried to heal you,
I tried to,
Save you from this place!
So whenever you turn around,
I'll be righ
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 0 0
Are The Memories Forgotten?
I stare at you
You stare at me
My heart races
As my eyes shine
You ran threw these lies
Instead of me, you looked at him
You wrap yourself
In his arms
You raised your heart
While tearing mine
Are these memories forgotten?
Thrown away like dust?
What happened to what we had?
What happened to that night?
Where is your heart?
I found mine.
You turned away
From me
You pushed me out
You tore me apart
You pushed my heart
Are these memories forgotten??
Thrown away like dust?
My heart is broken
I stop beating
I start bleeding
I am torn!
I am gone!
I am torn!
I am
Thrown away!
What ever happened to those memories, memories.
What ever happened to my life.
What ever happened to saying I love you.
I want my heart back
I want my life again.
Leave me now
Never return
Leave me now...
Are these memories forgotten?
Are these memories gone?
Have they been, tossed away?
Tossed away?
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 0 3
The rain falls, around me
I stare into your eyes
Trying to find
What we had before
But it's all washed away
By my sorrows and my pains
By winds of which, forever change
I cannot find myself
In this hidden chamber
I cannot find myself
In this forest of shadows
It can never end
It can never end
It can never live
My heart is shattered
Live for me
Reach back and pull me
out of this shadowed hole
I spread out my arms
I feel the tears
It is leaving me again...
My heart is shattered
Broken into a million pieces
It cannot be repared
It cannot be remade
You have
Broken me.
Broken me...
Live free
Live Strong
Wake up your heart again
I'm reaching up
Trying to grab
Your hand
I cannot find my self..
I cannot find the beats
Of your heart...
I'm Shattered
I'm broken
I've been left out in the dark
I'm broken,
I'm shattered
I cannot escape
The darkness
:iconkiba-therunaway:Kiba-therunaway 0 9


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Kiba Kurai
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United States
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I seriously miss you silver, I got iced from Neopets so that's not doing too well for me.. so if you ever want to role play let me know (we were in human form btw lol)
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